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Our goal: providing you small, intense, and efficient meditations:

Our videos that we put on our YouTube channel is done in a way to help our members and anyone interested in our programs to have small, intense, and efficient meditations on various spiritual subjects.

The more one participates in our programs, the more one will be able to recognize the spiritual elements shown in those videos.

The most important knowledge concerning what is shown on these videos is only transmitted according to the traditional initiation methods of Eastern philosophies and Yoga processes.

But those videos can be useful for anyone from the simplest entertaining purposes all the way up to the highest modes of initiations.

Most of those videos are made personally by the president and founder of, Guy Tétreault.

We urge you to take part in our various programs to really start enjoying the deep spiritual meanings of those videos.

You can have free and instant access to those web programs right away by following these links presented below.

Here, below, you will find some of the links that we put as details of many of our videos so that you can have deeper and deeper exploration in spiritual adventures experienced directly from the contemplations of those videos.

We mainly have two types of videos which are showing some interesting sites and those which feature directly the President and Founder of explaining some spiritual principles.

Those videos have explanations are all part of different programs and fully understand them one really has to follow the full program.

We have more than 200 videos available, many of them can be browsed directly from the YouTube channel but to really understand the links between the various videos and have access to the complete series of those videos, one must take part in our programs.

Many of the playlist we have just shown are only small sections of what is available. Since our most important videos are not shown in the channel. They are private and we give links to them only for those who take part on our programs.



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All videos are made by : Gopinath Dass (Guy Tétreault) – the president and founder of
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