Our YouCaring.com Campaign

This page is to describe our YOuCaring.com campaign
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Introducing a revolution in the way you care for others

This YouCaring.com campaign
is caring about YOU first

It is also caring for ALL

All beings, not just human beings

And the secret for combining these two types of care is the primary purpose of this campaign: caring for the most important benefactors of all : the rare authentic sages

By directly taking care of the physical needs of the greatest sages, yogis, mystics, and spiritual scholars of humanity… we directly help in providing spiritual, mental, and physical care for all humanity and all beings in this world

This campaign is part of the phase 1 of our ongoing Munificent Lotus Program

Our goal for this phase 1 is:

1. provide emergency care for some of those saintly persons
2. Prepare and start the promotion of our long term “Munificent Lotus Program” campaign by:

a. Trying to find leaders, volunteers, and promoters for this campaign
b. Engaging key persons for approaching key influencers for this campaign
c. Continue to work on the design and presentation of this campaign on our website for making contact with various groups who can help us in promoting this campaign
d. Preparing a special Gala with the Dalai Lama to promote this campaign (information coming soon)


See our general presentation for our Munificent Lotus Program by clicking here or on the image above

Various rewards are given according to the level of help you can give to this campaign:

Visit our presentation of our Patreon sponsorship program to see what type of reward we can give

You can also donate directly to our Patreon Program: it all goes to help the same cause

Register to our blog and register to our campaign updates  where we will be providing some information about this YouCaring campaign

A DAILY meditation AND donation

What type of donation you can give ?

Any amount of donations is helpful

But one of the most powerful and beneficial type of meditation is to do a daily meditation on the care you give on all being by DAILY taking care of the root cause of all beings well-being : the authentic sages

By giving $1, $2… a day, or whatever you can afford you render this meditation very helpful for others and you invest very deeply in your own well-being and the well-being of your loved ones who will directly benefit from your future good karma



Jump on this amazingly rare opportunity

Meet directly the sages we want to help

  • See their authenticity
  • Share their habitat
  • Get inspired by their life, deeds and words…

With our special travel tour


Get much more information about this program : here

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE : If we collect sufficient fund we would like very much to create the ONLINE VIRTUAL TOUR of this amazingly rare expedition, This would require a few thousand dollars more of donation, but we know how to make it beautiful and useful for the whole world


Other interesting ways to help and benefit from our programs

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We all know someone who knows someone important

Get extraordinary benefits by connecting us to someone who can connect us to thousands of persons

3- You have skills and time to do volunteer work ?

We need to engage more designers, technicians, content providers, and specially manager to concentrate all of that.



We need  experienced volunteers : leaders, influencers, managers… web workers

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4- Our ultimate program of Spiritual Charity Work

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5- Become a Leader, or Manager, or Supporter

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