Why we are based in Chiang Mai (Thailand)


Please come to the cultural capital of Thailand: Chiang Mai…

which is the home base and HQ (headquarters) of our most important SpiritualAdventure.net programs



Why the town of Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • It is situated in one hour of plane from Bangkok which is one of the top international airports.
  • From there, you can travel all over Asia and discover amazing spiritual cultures and we can discuss about this on the phone, on the internet or in person when you can come to the central basis of Chiang Mai.
  • Low price accomodations and food for longer stays


 An ideal situation for teaching Head Quarters

Here are some of the many reasons why our Head Quarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand is such an ideal place to spend one or a few days in our educational program.

  • We have a very peaceful home surrounded by flowery garden which is right next to a jungle temple complex extremely beautiful and complete in it’s presentation of Thai Buddhism.
  • We can peacefully meditate and enter into deep spiritual secrets in this location and in the name of monastery.
  • Right from our courtyard, there is literally hundreds of kilometers of jungles. so there is unlimited fresh air and many places where you can walk peacefully after a few hours of intense meditative of spiritual exploration.

In my over 25 years of spiritual practice and teaching, I have experienced so many times that to be situated in a beautiful natural set up is one primary necessity for proper spiritual training, meditation and adventure.

The jungle temple next door has been a very vibrant place of spiritual practice since at least 800 years and is itself a rich source for teaching because it contains many amazingly beautiful and important buildings okay for meditation and a museum as well as so many amazing trees, and paths for having a peaceful walk.

It also shelters a very nice facility for meditation retreats for both Thai and non-Thai people.

There are also several other nearby amazing places to do spiritual retreat very near our Head Quarters house so we can combine the very exotic meditation techniques practiced in Thailand with many more extremely practical and universal meditations used in India and all over Asia.

We can design for you a customized program of meditation retreats, intensive spiritual workshops, play for and entertaining cultural and temple visits.

As the cultural capital of Thailand, Chiang Mai is greatly renowned for the many amazingly beautiful and variegated temples where can find them. There are over 300 extremely nice temples that one can visit for a huge variety of cultural and spiritual adventures.

The town is also filled with galleries, bookshops and art centers that is very vibrant and shows and most interesting ways to combine the modern and vitality to thousand years old principles of Buddhism.

Most importantly, we are situated at 2 minutes by motor bike of the biggest university in northern Thailand. Chiang Mai University which provides classes to 15 thousand students, so around this university we can find all modern facilities.

With few more minutes drive, one can have access to many big shopping plazas which seems even more modern that what we can find in USA, Canada, Europe…

Also, our primary importance is that one can find thousands of sleeping accommodations in Chiang Mai. Some of them being also only 1 or 2 minutes away from our teaching center, some of them starting as low as $7 a day, and there is plenty of extremely beautiful hotel, spas, and natural resorts where one can have the comfort and aesthetic beauty of a 4 to 5 star hotel at a price of a 1 star hotel in USA or Europe.

Also for $6-$10, one can get extremely professionally Thai massage done in varieties of ways. This is extremely helpful to relax and then enable us to go to a space of peace and intense concentration in the various spiritual programs we offer you.

Chiang Mai is thus a very renowned place for international travelers who want to have all the commodities of modern life combine with an extremely rich culture base on the spirituality of Buddhism.

From in Chiang Mai you can also travel to dozens of interesting and natural nearby places with amazing temples. Visit to tigers, elephants, and exotic tribes… at not much more than one hour of travel … and we also offer ways by which you can enjoy these seemingly mundane places  things in a spiritual way.

 A fantastic base for all your International travels in Asia

For example, I was just in Siem Reap, Cambodia where there is the most amazing spiritual complex of Angkor Wat but I was very dissatisfied with the available infrastructure to teach about the secrets of Angkor Wat there. I therefore recommend for those who want to know about Angkor Wat to travel Here to Chiang Mai and participate in our Angkor Wat program here.

You can also visit as many places as you want in Asia, then come to participate in some of our customized program to teach you about Angkor Vat in Chiang Mai which is situated less than 2 hours away by plane or in 24 hours in a bus ride that will cost you only $25.


How to register to our programs

Click Here to  take a look at the many spiritual programs that are possible in Chiang Mai and reserve with us as soon as you can especially if you want to have a customized program done specially for you and your group.