VIP Programs



Because the best way to receive the most important  knowledge is to have good facilities for communications

We favor the best possible meeting facilities

One of the most important spiritual secret is that : the highest mediation state can only be reached within the highest relaxation state

  • Thailand can provide extremely beautiful and peaceful resort facilities at very affordable prices
  • There, we can meet in the ideal way to transmit the ideal message rapidly, practically and efficiently


Benefit from our unique abilities
We specialize in customized programs
tailored to suit your needs and desires :

  • For those who want the maximum benefits for their vacations, bringing back home and to the workplace a treasure of inner peace and wisdom
  • For the busy business persons and road warriors who don’t have time to waste

What’s the use of spending thousands of dollars in planes fares, hotels and  various accommodations just to get guided by  ignorant scammers who mainly want to bring you to their friend’s shop for you to buy souvenirs?

Book with us a customized program

We have more than 30 years of experience in transmitting the highest spiritual principles of Asian spirituality to non-Asians


The possibilities are unlimited

There is a big number of extremely beautiful hotels
and resorts in the area

Some of them have very affordable prices

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This is not an hotel but one of the many super modern malls that one can find in Chiang Mai

We can help you find a resort of choice for you
and meet you there
to give you a very personalized service


With this VIP program
so we can customize your Spiritual Adventure
according to your needs, capacities, and desires