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You dream of a special travel tour ???

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Here are some specifications

Our programs are available to anyone, at any time

Our specialty : providing all the tools and support to change any trip, or part of a trip, into memorable and thrilling spiritual adventures


You don't even have to travel

 You have no time or money to travel
or you just dream of a spiritual travel ?

– WE CAN DREAM WITH YOU — and change this dream into an amawing spiritual adventure more  real than ordinary reality

There is no time limitation :

it can be for few hours, a few days and even a few weeks and several months… it all depends on your desire only


There is no destination limit

Any trip to any destination, a town or a nature spot can provide a very deep spiritual  feeling and experience with our specialized tools and guidance



If you came to Asia : Visit our headquarters

A conveniently situated Asian Headquarter for all types of programs and travel tours

Details here

We can also also begin or continue any of the programs, on-site or online, at our headquarter in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Situated near half a dozen Asian destinations, it is the ideal place to complete any trip done in Thailand, Cambodia (Angkor Wat), China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam…




But you don’t need to travel to start your adventure NOW!

You can start exploring any travel online right now…and you can continue DURING and even AFTER whatever travel tour you do >>> or dream about

A spiritual Adventure is mainly a question of attaining a higher consciousness


We offer greatly customized experience

We have many online forms available to keep track of each person desires and itinerary


We specialize in Asian spirituality presented to non-Asians

or to Asians coming from different spiritual traditions

But we can prepare customized preparation and support for any type of spiritual trip because we are familiar with most religions and spiritual culture



All programs can be lived in a variety of spiritual intensity

We adjust our level of support, guidance, and teaching according to the level of your expectation

Again we use online forms to keep track of your desires

Whether you just want a temple visit… or embark in the serious spiritual adventure of turning your heart into a temple



Our guides and scholars are uniquely qualified

and they can speak proper english with an audible accent : which is very rare to find in Asia !

We provide Scholarly and authoritative knowledge and experiences of all main Asian spiritual traditions

We can offer the best spiritual support available for the modern western travelers who want to dive deeply into this spiritual dimension of the ancient Asian spiritual civilizations

We have thousands of images and hundreds of visual documentation like the image we use in this web page




For those who are very serious

We can offer customized program of spiritual practices and awareness

Those are given only for those who desire and demand it

Here are some of them:








We can offer a fun series of meditation help and customized spiritual practices that make all the difference in opening the hearth to a wonderful spiritual dimension


We make fun festivals even more fun

We provide the secrets to enter into the spiritual dimension of the numerous Asian festivals

The many special festivals of asia are wonderful opportunities to get incomparable experiences of the cultures and spiritual traditions

Such as the lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand (November)

or the water festival in April

A great variety of experiences

Because we have more than 30 years of experience in traveling in Asia, we can offer you a great variety of experiences









VIP facilities for those who want to travel

In all circumstance we like to offer special facilities for the special guests of our VIP programs

See details




You have several options to start

Free options

Our daily online spiritual supplements

that you can start to offer FREELY to all your customers

A FREE online Spiritual Adventure that any of your customers can start right now

Daily blog posts to enhance all types of spritiual adventures

This will give much inspiration for your customers to do more travel tours with you
or with any tour we can organize together
The daily spiritual supplements will also help to sell complementary spiritual supplements we can give to any customers traveling to any destinations.

Options with payment needed

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With us
the adventure can start START

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