For some really spiritual temple visits


Power-up your temple visits



We offer you various levels of consciousness in visiting a temple

According to your taste, desire and capacity

Various levels of involvement one can have while visiting a Temple

1. Plain touristic or aesthetic visit .
2. Meditation process done according to knowledge previously received. We offer a lot of knowledge in our programs and private consultations.
3. Personal pilgrimage for various personal reasons.
4. Deep contemplation based on the spiritual meditation
5. Learning the art of becoming a temple
6. Learning the art of embracing certain features of the temple
7. Being situated in a spiritual relationship of service with the spiritual dimension revealed by a temple.


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we respect the  type of traveller you want to be



We even have programs to rapidly augment your consciousness

So that next time you visit a temple you have multiply a thousand times the benefits and pleasures you have in visiting a temple

Such as our program to rapidly become a buddha



Coming soon

1- A questionnaire you can fill to tell us what type of experience you are seeking

2- A list of the various temple tours we can offer you in Thailand, Cambodis (Angkor Wat… )