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Our travel tour that is aalso a charity drive

Are you ready to Travel to India
to meet and help some of the last authentic sages and spiritual scholars of this world?

Join us in this special travel tour

Reserved for those who take an active part in
our “Munificent Lotus Program

We can easily say that it is the most rare
and important travel tour we offer

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The highest teaching we give is how to gain and keep and increase the company of authentic learned saints
There’s nothing more beneficial
and that is what we want to give you the most


Spiritual relationship is based on SPIRITUAL love which is first characterized by LOVING SERVICE ATTITUDE

Therefore, the first principle to be able to gain real connection and relationship with authentic and genuine saint is the relationship of service (which is called SEVA in Sanskrit language).

That is the core principle of our “Munificent Lotus Program” which is the most important program at SpiritualAdventure.net because it opens the doors for success to all other programs.

Once we have gained that relationship, there is an art to cultivate it to increase in benefit, consciousness, and bliss.

This complete art is the most complete way for success.

This travel tour is meant to  give you both :

  • the rare connection to  some of the rare last authentic saints
  • the art of increasing your spiritual benefits by cultivating that rare connection