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An invitation to a long term business relationship

Thank you to check upon our offering


Our programs are designed to be a supplement to the tours you already have

We think we can have an extremely profitable long term business relationship together because we have some very unique programs, both onsite and online, presenting the most wonderful treasures of Asian spirituality to a Non-Asian public

Check this link to learn about our specialty

Check this other link to have a look at the various programs that your customers can start online now and continue onsite by buying tours with you

Our programs are designed to be a supplement to the Tours you already have and for most of the programs we do all the work to provide you the supplements that we wish to give you with very high return of percentage of those programs we do and you sell to your customers


Start by offering those 2 free programs for your customer

  1. Our Daily Spiritual Supplements

See the details : here

  1. Six months of free Travel Tours in Asia

See the registration page : here

Programs for your profit

We have many many programs but we suggest that you choose one of the two following programs

  1. Our 1 hour Spiritual Photo Adventure  that any of your customers can start wherever they are now
  1. Our Personal follow up to any program you may have sold them

Both of these programs can be offered at a very low price to them and can be very useful for you to sell much more expensive travel packages in Asia in the future

We have a special promotion for the first 3 companies who register on one of those 2 programs with us very rapidly by which the company can keep 100% of the registration cost if they have more than 25 attendants at those programs

Last minute special

We would like you to have a look at our special program for this very unique and extremely beautiful lantern festival in Thailand called Loy Krathong

Follow this link to see the various programs that we can offer together for your customers

For further communications

This is the first contact we tried to do with you and if you do not desire any other information from us, just send us an answer back by email with the simple word “No”

On the other hand we offer you the possibility that we can offer you in the future very limited information about our programs according to your own desire from a maximum to once a month to a minimum of once a year.

Please fill up this quick and simple form to inform us of your personal desire because we specialize in providing customized service