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We have literally invested thousands of hours in the production of this website and we have gathered here the labor of saints, sages, and spiritual scholars who dedicated their full life to acquire the knowledge and wisdom they share with us here

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All the proceeds from this program and everything we do at Spiritual Adventure is not meant for profit but for the benefit of everyone and the maintenance of the most important persons see :  Munificent Lotus Program

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If you have special skills and are habituated to work at a distance with the help of the internet, there are many things you can do that will be beneficial for all of us and all those who come in contact with our work

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For an elaborate  description of the benefits you can get from your donations, visit our charity and philanthropic program page at:http://spiritualadventure.net/lotus/

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Contact us for any support or sponsorship you want to give

Mention clearly which project you want to sponsor