The incredible benefits of spiritual philantrophy


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This is an in depth presentation of some important principles of what is a spiritual philiantropy:

It is based on the very authoritative teachings of the most popular spiritual text of yoga and Vedanta, from India : the Bhagavad-gita

We present it as a form of online course in the format where we do a lot of our teaching:

  1. A text presented in a visual image, for easy meditation
  2. An audio file for in-depth meditation complement


Important notice on how to use this page with a maximum benefit

1- Below each image there is a link to audio file explaining it, which is the most important section of this page, because it contains the essential teachings

2- You can click on each image to have a bigger view of each of them and meditate more easily on each texts

3-  Click on the triangle icon below, or the image above, to see the full diaporama  YouTube-icon-dark

4- Like all our teachings at Spiritual You get much more understanding and benefits by doing your study and meditations on the subject in Direct Personal Relationship with a qualified teacher

Embrace this Spiritual Adventure
and Enjoy your Meditations!

Slide 1


Audio 1

Lenght: 09min 22sec


Slide 2


Audio 2

Lenght: 05min 03sec


Slide 3


Audio 3

Lenght: 07min 45sec


Slide 4


Audio 4

Lenght: 09min 25sec


Slide 5


Audio 5

Lenght: 07min 39sec