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Our mission :

Pioneering a VERY COMPLETE system of well-being for body, mind and soul


This simple image gives a very good summary of the very special nature of Spiritual Adventure.net Soulfulness. It blends the highest spiritual dimension with the common mental and physical aspects that you can find elsewhere.


This is not ordinary Soulfulness :

It is based on the principles of the highest spiritual philosophy of Asia : Vedanta
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An audiovisual presentation that gives you a first taste on how we proceed




To begin to taste some of the features of this program

This SpiritualAdventure.net Soulfulness can be quite demanding for a complete beginner in serious spiritual life

That’s why we recommend that you Become at least a Buddha before enteringinto  serious Soulfulness

That’ right, you are not dreaming (or maybe you are not awake !)
compared to SpiritualAdventure.net Soulfulness, becoming a Buddha is not such a big thing : we really recommend that you follow our full Become at least a Buddha program before you get into our Soulfulness program

Other alternatives

If Become at least a Buddha scares you too much, you can start with any of our other programs, they are all based on beginner principles in Soulfulness

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Art programs



We specially recommend trying out our art programs which give you a thrilling and aesthetic way to live Soulfulness

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Of course, our Mindfulness program is also an excellent beginning

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Our best secret : to give you the fastest access to our Spiritual Adventure.net Soulfulness

Become an active participant to our core program : The Munificent lotus program



Are you ready to gegin your personal exploration of Soulfulness ???

Here are some of the access we will give you when you register to our FREE introduction program to SpiritualAdventure.net Soulfulness


1- You will get access to our 6 slide presentation of :  SOULFULNESS the complete state of well-being



Listen to audio below : it is the most important section

Lenght: 06min 00sec


2- You will get access to our special FREE program for beginner



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This program is coming soon : we need help to develop, support, and sponsor this program