Brief Presentation of our Website

Here is a direct photo of our WEBSITE DASHBOARD on date of 27 october, so you can see the fact numbers…. But note that we add blog posts and web pages continually Here is a direct photo of our WEBSITE DASHBOARD on date of 27 october, so you can see the fact numbers…. But note that we add blog posts and web pages continually

Our website is the center of a special universe

  • made to engage anyone in Spiritual Adventures, from anywhere, at anytime


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Notes :


  • The numbers in text below refer to the numbers in the image above
  • This is a presentation meant to bring a complete view of our full project 
  • This page is a very recent creation and we will put much more link into it later

1. Website :

Our website contains :

  • more than 2200 blog posts
  • and nearly 700 webpages
  • We have dozens of programs that are designed to give deep and useful spiritual principles and practices

It is designed to be fun and exciting, like an adventure, and enlightening and nourishing because it is spiritual

It is a non-sectarian and  universal way to present the deepest principle of Vedanta, and Indian spiritual philosophy

Here is a direct photo of our WEBSITE DASHBOARD on date of 27 october, so you can see the fact numbers…. But note that we add blog posts and web pages continually

We also have connected with more than 800 serious business people on Linkedin, many of them being travel agencies in India because we wish to bring spiritual India to the world. And not only to travel tours, mainly with many online programs

We have been working quite extensively for the last two years to grow this website which is now quite ready to go public

We have developed various ways to work with partners and to give the facility to volunteers to make deep and rapid spiritual progress by also willing to do free volunteer work on the principles of eternal spiritual progress to every living being

We even have a separate website to develop this part of our activities : See how you can work with us

At the core of our presentation, there are more than 1500 specially designed posters
  • which are done in cooperation between the president and a very serious practitioner for more than 35 years 
  • These posters are designed to bring the various secrets of spirituality in a modern and an interesting visual way
Note : more details about this in SECTION 11
We CAN give you special access to many of our links if you are interested to get further information

2. Web pages

We have almost 700 webpages; some of them are simple because we like to give step by step opportunity for anyone to reach gradually to very high platforms of spirituality

The webpages are more permanent information in teachings, many of them are only available for those who have registered to special programs and they are linked to the blog post so that
the small blog post can bring people to bigger webpages and bigger event programs

Various programs :

All those programs we have, can alternately be started online. Then continued by meeting us face to face and or just continued online. This enables anyone, anywhere to start with our programs anytime


Onsite programs:

Onsite programs require much more work and logistics and they can be organized with very serious organizations or done in relationship with very serious sponsors

SEE A SAMPLE HERE :  6 months of Free Spiritual Adventures

Direct Personal Interaction:

The Direct Personal Interaction is one of our most important feature

The reality is many people need to practice spirituality step by step, therefore our programs are designed for personal development, step by step whether someone wants to have extremely rapid progress in the higher principles of spirituality or go slowly at their own pace


3. Blog

Here is the direct link to our blog

Our blog is designed as being ALSO a way to meditate

They are short powerful meditation for our busy world

SEE How to meditate on our blog post

Many pf our blog posts are interlinked in ways to provide a long lasting daily meditation that can last for years

Here is the succession of levels we use for those posts :

Daily blog posts: We have designed a system to give availability to daily blog post and this has been going on since many years and we always have many months ahead of daily blog posts ready for people getting into the habit of using our blog posts for special meditation and contemplation

Section page:  Many of these blog posts we have related to a big program containing 50 or 350 more blog posts for those special blog posts there is a section page

Note : we will soon show you sample of section page and aggregation page

Aggregation page: This aggregation page is related to ways that one can go from ordinary blog post to innumerable types of programs that they can do on their own pace

The system of meditation for each post: This is one of our very unique feature while most things on the web are there for the reader’s entertainment or so called information (one that is not fake news), our blog posts are always useful because all of them can and should be meditated and are meant to go deeper and deeper and to higher levels of truths while escaping useless illusions that are found almost anywhere else

SEE the link if you have not seen yet :
How to meditate on our blog post

4. Social Media

We are open to development in all kinds of social media, but they are all linked to the central website which is the place where we have a very systematic way for spiritual development and living deeper and deeper spiritual adventure

For those interested, we give links to our websites with our social presence

a. Linkedin (more than 800 connections)
b. YouTube (more than 200 videos)
c. Twitter
d. Facebook
e. Tumblr and other websites
We will give you further details when you work with us

5. Partnership is designed to foster partnership with serious people all over the world

Because it is web-based, we are not limited to locality and we can combine our web programs with on-site programs anywhere in the world for those who are serious in providing serious spiritual programs

6. Sponsors

Sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity to take part in our work, we have been working for thousands and thousands of hours over the years to build the website and thousand countless hours in the many years before to prepare this spiritual content that is now used in the website

You can benefit immediately by sponsoring our work and make others benefit of this work
This is one of the most important features we offer at

See some of the images we have ready to present this topic HERE

7. Volunteers

All we have done is volunteer work in the spiritual spirit and to learn that spiritual spirit doing such volunteer work is one of the best ways we will give to those interested, a lot of documentation about the benefits of this type of spiritual work

8. Online workers

With our online facilities, anyone in the world can work with us. We do have very effective and powerful ways to describe what type of work you can do with us. We have experience in working with more than 100 people over the internet in the last 23 years and we can use this experience to give access to anyone, anywhere to work with us and be part of this fantastic spiritual adventure of giving spirituality to others

9. Core Members

Our core team is divided into several sections. We have the technical team that helps build the website and the web programs and as described above, this can be done by anyone, anywhere in the world. The most important aspect of our offering is our teachers and scholars who have been trained by best of the spiritualists in India for 30, 40 and even 50 years

And our team is composed of Indian scholars who have lived with the most amazing scholarly saints of India and western scholars who all have more than 30 years of service for this philosophy and the saints who teach this philosophy and those who have the daily practice of those spiritual principles

We work with extremely serious people and we want to give extremely serious aspects of Indian philosophy and spirituality

  • See the biography of the Founder HERE
  • See some work, one of our main teacher, at Jiva Institute where Guy Tetreault, founder of has directed many of the publications in Sanskrit mentioned there, for more than 10 years

Note : Links to other partners in this endeavour will be put here soon

10. Google Adwords

Adword is a very good introduction to some of our very deep programs we have

a. Mantra meditation program that can teach this very deep spiritual practice in a very authentic, bonafide, and deeply philosophical way.

b. Travel tours & sponsor programs: Anyone, anywhere can grow very deep at various levels of this practice and the same can be said of our other programs like travel tours and any other sponsor programs we can do with serious sponsors

11. Images

Our images are the core of our website, the core of our many programs and teaching and they are an excellent support for meditation

Here is a link to some of them

And we use more than 1500 of them to illustrate the point. Many of those images are so wonderful that one can meditate on them year after year and find deeper richness and meaning to them

Coming soon

  • More images, blog posts, web pages, and special programs
  • Web membership program
This presentation is made on October 24th 2017
More features will come later