Ramayan tour

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Get inside
the most popular story ever told

Join us in our exploration of the Ramayana in the holy pilgrimage town of Ayodhya

A travel tour of 11 days at the birth place of Rama, one of the most beloved avatar of Indian tradition, celebrated as the ideal King since thousands of years

  1. -We will take you to the many holy sights accociated with the life of Rama, always explaining you its sacred and spritual dimension
  2. -We will visit many temples and ashram to bring you at the heart of this sacred tradition
  3. -We will also give you great insight into the flourishing artisitic tradition
  4. -Most important of all we will bring you in meditative walks and masical talks by which we will share with you intimate and personal insight in the inner meaning of the great depiction of the Ramayana which are in themselves deep metaphysical treatrise as well as encyclopedias of the spiritual tradition of India
  5. -We will make this great epic book so alive that it will be as if you walk inside the Ramayana or even better. The whole Ramayana will come inside of you to give ever fresh, ever sweet spiritual emotions and inspirations

Our guide has been immersed in the realm of the great scriptures depictively the Ramayana since his birth 38 years ago. Born in a family and a dynasty that are devoted to Rama since countless generations. By th age of 4 he was already reciting by heart the full one thousand verses of the Sundar Khand section of the glorious Rama charita Mansa of the saintlypoet Tulsi Dasa. Since the age of 6 he is fuly devoted to learn and speak about all the greatest scriptures of Indian spirituality

His love of this deeply poetical spiritual knowledge is as great as his wisdom and he shares it with great emotions, that gives you the inside story on one of the most widely narrated story in the whole history of humanity

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