Wonderful quotes for meditation !

Get spiritual inspiration
from important photographers

With our online program of inspiration

This  program has three parts
  1. Our many quotes presented and curated to show you words of famous photographer persons interested in photography that are presented in a way to give you inspiration.

                                      Here is a sample quote


2. We give you also insight coming from our Vedanta lineage and scholars that is presented in short audio meditations for your to mediate on again and again.

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                 This will come in audio format on our blog

You can start by learning how to do 5 seconds powerful spiritual meditations on those quotes : start here


3. We also want to do a series of classes, seminars, online workshops and discussion around those wonderful quotes.

We can start as soon as we have sponsors for those programs or enough pre-registration to make this program possible.

At SPIRITUALADVENTURE.NET we  like to give spiritual inspiration of all level

From the words of person who do not consider themselves spiritualist but that can be great spiritual inspiration because of the deep involvement in their art. To be special visions and input of great spiritual scholars of Vedanta

We also present those images in our blog and our various social media presentations.

We wish, in the future,  to deliver structured conversation over dozens and even hundreds of those nice quotes.

Please keep in touch with us to be informed of the progress of this very interesting and important project in Spiritual Photo Adventures.

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