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Are you a super-connector,
influencer, or group leader?

Make the heart of thousands of people blossom
with only 5 minutes of your time


  • We do most of the work
  • and give you all the tools for you  to make an extremely powerful positive impact in the lives of thousands of people
  • with as little as 1 hour, 30 minutes or even only 5 minutes of your time

Here is a 3 step formula to give tremendous treasures to your followers in a very short amount of time

  1.  choose one of our programs to promote or simply one of your favorite yoga or meditation exercise
  2. make a one sentence statement or a one minute video about it
  3. we will prepare a web page that you can direct your followers to

That’s all

That web page will contain :

  1. your personal choice
  2. your statement
  3. how to get a free program to help your fans and followers to actually be able to do that practice and keep up to it
  4. Links to how they can get deeper in similar practices
Here is a sample web page : (coming soon)


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without you,
the well-connected influencer,
there is no chance
to make this a viable force and project
in today’s modern society


Here is the spiritual explanation of the power of the leader in this world


Kings, influencers, leaders… get 1/6 of the karma of their followers

If they influence them in a negative way, this is totally ruinous for their future

if they influence positively it guarantees them a future of wealth, comfort, prestige…

It is our job, and our great pride, at to allow you to get the best possible karma

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Why you can get so much benefit in partnership with us





You  get so much benefit in partnership with us because all the profit to our common work will go towards our Munificent Lotus Program



This program is designed to give maximum spiritual benefits for you and all your people



For anyone interested
to share our treasures


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Some tools we provide

We provide you all text, images, and tools to have success : like those banners

Use them to share your spiritual adventures with your friends or to promote our various programs for fun and $

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Munificent Lotus Program

Can be linked to page :










Can be linked to page :












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Here are some of the possible options  :

  • Giving a one sentence statement: it takes you very little time but it gives great benefits to everyone
  • making one minute of video or audio
  • One evening, day, or weekend of sharing mindfulness and soulfulness practices
  • Presenting an interview (audio or video) of any amount of minutes you want
  • Presenting a web page of your own combining any of the above elements
  • any other ideas you may have


Contact us if you are interested

Please note : The general form for registration and information on all our programs is under construction

Meanwhile you can use our standard contact form, but please give us a maximum of information

If you are interested in a long term structured partnership, with financial rewards :

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