Programs for partnership with Travel agencies

Here are some programs we can do together

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  • get the link to the online form for quick pre-registration and registration

Free – Daily Spiritual Supplements

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Section 1 — 3 types of virtual programs
for any customers

In some future your agency can sell with profit any of our many online programs we offer

But for the sake of simplicity we start with only 4 programs

Web only programs

One month of immersion in a destination



Programs with personal interaction and follow-up

Dsp6    Dsp7








Section 2 — 3 types of on-site travels

1- Programs centered at our Asian Headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand

code:  ttcm1

Follow-up travel anywhere in Asia : combined with some one-on-one contact at our Asian Headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand

code:  ttcm2


2- Programs that requires me to travel in Asia

code:  ttta1


I, Guy Tetreault the President and founder of can travel to accompany groups in Thailand, India, Cambodia (Angkor Wat), Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar… but this requires

  1. a minimum of $10,000 (US dollars) of traveling , teaching and consulting fee for 10 days .
  2.  all accommodations , like food and lodging… ,   fees paid
  3.  travel fees paid
  4. Insurance and emergencies fees paid

This requires usually a big and wealthy group who are extremely serious in getting a very high spiritual experiences

Our online and Chiang Mai formulas are much more affordable for everyone else



3- Programs in India with our various scholars related to

code:  ttcm2

India is our specialty

  • But it is also one of the most difficult country to travel to
  • and the varieties of spiritual experiences one can live there is gigantic
We need very specific information about the needs of the group traveling to be able to build a custom travel tour

Notice : Minimal price of involvement is 500$ by person for a group of minimum 4 people

For individuals, we only offer the online-follow-up program