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Here is a detailed list of some of the programs you can explore, enjoy, and share at SpiritualAdventure.net

Many of them can be started online right now

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We love to work with affiliates and partners

Most of our programs, shown below, are meant to be done in relation to various types of partnerships
We are also ready to present some quality programs designed by professional agencies
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Daily posts that are designed as powerful mini-meditations

This is one of our core unique feature
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This is one of our most essential program

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You will be totally amazed to see how far we can travel into an art work

and see how many Spiritual Adventures are waiting for you there

Our eBook alone will offer you many of our wonderful meditations

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Turn any trip into an unforgettable spiritual Adventure

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Munificent Lotus Charity Program


Our core program for a higher consciousness

The best way to invest in your real self
and gain spiritual superpowers

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We know : you think that it is impossible to become a Buddha

But For us at SpiritualAdventure.net it is a kind of minimum:

Real Spiritual Adventures starts when you had the courage to become a Buddha

At least you should deeply consider our offer: we give you a lot and a lot and a lot… of food for meditations

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We have a very powerful special blend of Mindfulness

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The easiest and most authentic way to supercharge ALL your spiritual adventures

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Many of the programs announced have an online version that is so convenient for those who prefer to not travel and love to save on travelling expenses

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Get access to the secrets of Angkor Wat

in a way that is only available at SpiritualAdventure.net

We want to offer you the deepest visits to the best spiritual places in Asia

You can start the virtual visit right now

or you can have an amazing travel experiences at the site of Angkor Wat itself


We give you support to any of your travel tours in Asia


Any tours can be organized in conjunction with any tour agencies




Here are 2 of such events for which we can make special programs





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If you are a travel agency, contact us, and see the many customized programs we can build together for your customers


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Come visit us in Thailand and be amazed at everything we have to offer !

Although we put a lot of emphasis on our online programs, there is a lot of merit and benefits and meeting face to face or for a few days and even for a few hours

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Click here to know about the VIP treatments we can offer


Extremely powerful Mantra Meditations

Coming from an authentic disciplic succession



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An art to learn to be able to appreciate our hundreds, and soon thousands, of blog posts and visual supplements


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1 month of full immersion

One of our most important practice is to offer you 1 month of spiritual immersion in meditation, revelation, audio, and video contemplations…

There is nothing like a deep immersion guided by our Direct Personal Interaction program, to really enjoy deeply a Spiritual Adventure

More information coming soon


Our most important one-on-one program

Available at the highest level of  Direct Personal Interaction program,



Over the last 35 years of practices and teachings in spiritual dedication, I experienced many great new levels of spiritual elevation

and I know that to really reach a level of importance it is not easy

many hours of dedication and delectation are needed

My main desire is to work with persons who are ready to show serious dedication to their spiritual practices

It has to be seen as a real travel expense :

traveling to another continent is not cheap: in less than a weekend a thousand dollars is easily gone but nothing has been achieved spiritually

For the same price of travel expense, or very often, much cheaper, we can offer months and months of very deep spiritual interaction propelling all your spiritual adventures to much higher levels of consciousness and bliss


We recommend that you try one or a few of our programs first

But when you are ready for the important spiritual transformation  ask for the Highest level of spiritual interaction, and we will take you very seriously


Get much more personalized services

Our experts can deliver any type of conferences, seminars, workshops…

Here is one sample of specialized subject treatment done according to our Vedanta Speciality
The difficulty of getting real knowledge

To give you an idea of the unique benefits you get at SpiritualAdventure.Net see intro



See the mini-biography of the Founder of Spirutual Adventure.net

He has also many friends and teachers who have many more resources on Asian Spirituality


Special conferences, seminars, workshops… with our uniquely qualified scholars from India



Available both for online and on-site programs


Diapositive1 (1)

More info : coming soon




We specialize in providing custom programs for groups

  • These programs can be highly customized according to the need of various groups, specially in virtual or on-site travels all over Asia 
  • We also offer VIP programs for individuals and very small group for a special fee
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You have difficulty to choose the programs that is best for you and your group !

We can help



Please note : The general form for registration and information on all our programs is under construction

Meanwhile you can use our standard contact form, but please give us a maximum of information about the type of program you are interested in, for how many people, etc…