Level 2 of our online Spiritual Photo Adventure

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Get the most important teachings of our
online Spiritual Photo Adventure E-course
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Level 2 available from December 2016


This level 2 gives you access to both the free introduction in the level 1 program but gives you much more

You get 30 photographer quotes given special access in both pdf andjpeg format

You have many more explanation you also have access to 30 of the 39 special Powerpack of frozen and explanation of 30 of them you also have two hours of video  and audio extra from a special conferences giving special teachings

You also have access to two hours of group teachings that will be recorded and from which you can have access at any time you also have access to two to three group chats or Google Hangout by which you can discuss privately with the teacher and president of SPIRTUALADVENTURE.NET


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