Enjoy a Photo-Pilgrimage to India

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Product Description

A wonderful way to explore the most important wonders

  • Have one of the most unforgettable photo experience of your life
  • We  plan a customized program for you
  • Different possibilities are possible according to your desires and destinations
  • You can start you Spiritual Photo Adventure right now with our online training programs

Unforgettable Photo-pilgrimages in India

India is definitely one of the best place to have a photo pilgrimage

  • with MILLIONS of temples
  • spiritual symbols available everywhere
  • Amazing people and ‘saintly’ persons at every corners

Our photo pilgrimages in India :

  1. Are meant to greatly enhance not only your photo taking and viewing experience
  2. And also to guide you through the labyrinths of this amazingly different culture
  3. Also we can help your own transformative or deeply inspiring spiritual life (if you desire it)


Important message

NOTICE : each program is highly personalized, what you get will vary according to your group needs and desires

This Package is highly customized for group presentations

This special program is reserved for individuals or groups related to any travel agencies offering access to it

Don’t worry. We record all group activities that you can have access online if you miss any of them
This education program is a best supplement for any travel tour one takes in India

What you get with this package

  • You can start you Spiritual Photo Adventure right now with our online training programs
  • We provide you with unequaled support to live this photo-pilgrimage as a spiritual adventure
  • With our online questionnaires you can choose to live it as
  1. Photo-Pilgrimage
  2. Photo-Safari
  3. Photo -Vacation
  4. Photo-Adventure
  5. … whatever orientation you want to have
  • We can provide this support online or in person if you come to our Asian Headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Our support stat right now :
    • Our support stat right now :
      • with our online introduction,  
        • using MANY online pages of information and meditation
        • With tons of useful videos, audio files, texts and images
        • An option to integrate SPIRITUAL WELL BEING into your trip
    • Continues during your tip
    • And can be extended with our various levels of Direct Personal Interaction Program
  • Each programs is highly personalized, what you get will vary according to your needs and desires

Notice: this is an educational package, we do not include travel, sleeping or meal arrangements

A typical approach involves :

    • We give you a form to fill so we see your personal desires, interests, goals…  so we can prepare this spiritual adventure  according  to your needs and desires
    • We then plan a customized program for you
      • You choose if you want support for 1 day or several weeks
      • when we discuss and so many other things
    • We send you various important links of crucial information concerning your trip
    • You can then start the Spiritual Adventure with a  series of links containing various information/ teachings/ image or videos to share for discussion … all those are extremely spiritual tools that we took years to prepare for you
    • The most important part : 2 hours of Direct Personal Interaction, one-on-one discussion, on your chosen subjects
      • This 2 hours can be divided before, during and after the trip according to your pre-planned preference
    • When you completed your trip with wind up with some useful spiritual conclusions or personalized programs to go deeper


  • A minimum of 90 minutes of group discussions will be given as extra opportunity to those who come to our Asian Headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Bring a friend for FREE at this discussion
  • Our special training package to change your 2 hours of consultation into 108 hours of meditation
  • Special access to our LEVEL 2 Online training on Spiritual Photo Adventure. This is one of the best way to change your trip into a Spiritual Adventure
  • Special personalized plans to discuss together your photos and learn about the spiritual truths behind the photos you took
  • Special membership to our website to learn how to multiply the benefits you get from the memories of your trip