2nd level of Direct Personal Interaction


Product Description

1008 $US



What you get with your level 2 program of Direct personal interaction ?

  1.  You get so much more attention, care, and personalized solution
  2. By entering in a level 2 program you show us that you are very serious and sincere, we can deliver you much more goods
  3. We take the time to really know each other and develop a deep approach for systematic development and achievement of your personal goals

A typical approach involves :

NOTICE : each program is highly personalized, what you get will vary according to your needs and desires

  • From 12 to 24  hours of one-on-one discussion on your chosen subject
  • 30 to 40 hours of  analysis/ research/ preparation/ meditation… on the side of the president providing you a personalized presentation
  • Tons of supplementary material: A  series of links with various information/ teachings/ image or videos to share for discussion … also according  to your needs and desires

In option : Training in Immersive meditation

With every Direct Interaction Program we can give you personalized training in a very deep lifestyle of meditation

IF you desire, only
(not everyone wants it or needs it)