Spiritual Photo Adventure


Learn the art of Spiritual Photo Adventure


Explore and enjoy more than 40 spiritual themes, tools, and practices to greatly multiply your pleasures and benefits in viewing and making photography


Here are some of the themes and practices we will explore


  1. Using spiritual psychology to get higher vision
  2. Relish astonishment in awareness
  3. Zen ways to live photography
  4. Useful meditation techniques useful in photography
  5. The yoga of uniting the subjects
  6. See the manifestation of the Divine (Vibhuti)
  7. Learn to live and write a Spiritual Adventure about a photo or series of photos
  8. Divine spiritual mellow (RASSA)
  9. Advance meditation tools for various occasions
  10. Mindfulness and Soulfulness for photo lovers
  11. Use the higher knowledge of superior Yogas, charm..
  12. Harnessing spiritual remembrance
  13. Rise in Love with your photos and life
  14. Making an offering
  15. Abstract integration
  16. Moving between oneness and difference
  17. Framing the light
  18. Divine love of the photographed subject
  19. Get the eye of the philosopher, psychologist, mystic…
  20. Take photos like a Buddha
  21. Yoga techniques to control your vision and execution
  22. Superpower yourself with mantras
  23. Explore dozens of spiritual themes: Ecstasy, vanquishing lust, peace, conquer greed, inner light….
  24. Using modern post production programs to refine your vision and message
  25. Learning the fundamentals of photography to get the minimum technical skills
  26. Using the technical tools offered by great websites


Meditate on the slideshow

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All those  tools and techniques can be  used either to to increase your power of viewing photos or to make more artistic photos

Our programs are available for anyone 

Most of our teachings are non-technical and will benefit professional as well as beginners, in both subject: photography or spirituality


Your new skills and awareness will enable you to :


  • Take photo in an Enlightened way !!!!
  • Multiply your bliss and enjoyment with a greater spiritual awareness
  • Magnify your experiences with the many spiritual tools we give you



Here are also some very practical ways to use your skills afterwards

we give you to enhance your awareness and pleasure

We want to encourage you to participate in our various contests. Some of them are sponsored, some we wish you can sponsor

You can also take part in some of our photography groups in Instagram, Flicker, or 500Psx

WE also can give you access to one of the photographer sending photos to our blog with the theme of spiritual adventure

We encourage you to take our seminars to know how to make amazing photos in the spirit of a spiritual adventure.


Formulas and pricing 

  1. E-course (reserved to groups for now)
  2. Direct personal Interaction : see 3 levels of personal interaction  here)
  3. Coaching session done in Photo Safaris (reserved to groups for now)

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