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Every dollar you help us with will help not only many persons all over the world, but you will help your deeper self immensely in ways that are so wonderful that we developed a whole section of our website for you to explore the benefits you get because any profits generated by our endeavors at goes to this Munificent Lotus program

Helping us building those Spiritual Adventures is itself one of the most thrilling Spiritual Adventure

By helping us developing our many programs you become fellow Spiritual Adventurer and we do our best to help you enjoy many Spiritual Adventures and eventually turn your life into a masterpiece


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We make videos on YouTube : we already have 200 of them and with your help we want to craft thousands more
but our specialty is to use those videos to give one-on-one teaching and counseling to help you and others create your own  unique Spiritual Adventures


We have more than one thousand blog posts on ourDsp5 website
we try to supply them Daily
and with your help we want to craft thousands more, but our specialty is to teach you how to turn anyone of those blog posts into powerful and ecstatic meditations  

We have hundreds of web pages on our website, and with your help we want to augment that dramatically. They provide thrilling entertainment, useful informations, valuable knowledge, essential meditations… but mainly they describe programs that you can experience wherever you are,,, or in wonderful discovery travel

Here are a few of those programs

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Those programs are meant to bring you to much higher level of consciousness and bliss

and provide you the chance to experience a very deep spiritual transformation



One of our first goal is to provide FREE Daily Spiritual Supplements

We have already more than 1000 blog post on this website all of them offering Daily Spiritual Supplements that are useful to everyone, anywhere in any country for any spiritual tradition even for the non-spiritual persons.


Our formula is to give extremely thrilling 5 second daily spiritual adventures and powerful meditations
  • with images, videos, pictures or small text
  • most of the time,  this is related to an in-depth programs for those who want to explore
We try to make it extremely entertaining and sometime very deep and rich.

With your help

  1. We can keep those blog post FREE for everyone
  2. We can keep producing them DAILY
  3. We can greatly improve the quality of those blog posts and our various programs


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