We love to work in partnerships



We seek affiliates and various types of partnerships

with travel tours directors, group travel organizers, affiliates programs managers

We have a very elaborate system for you to get and increase your benefits with us in a long term relationship

This webpage will regroup some of the important proposition we have for travel agents and various partners we would like to work with

It also contains information about the actual products we can sell together.

Our aim is to have a long term profitable partnership together – so we are open to discuss any of the features found on our website


We specialize in providing custom programs for groups

  1. These programs can be highly customized according to the need of various groups, specially in virtual or on-site travels all over Asia
  2. We also offer VIP programs for individuals and very small group for a special fee
  3. See our one page summary of our offer
  4. Contact us for more info