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    Guy Tetreault (Gopinath Dasa), the founder of the SpiritualAdventure.Net is also the founder of the most complete online school of Yoga and Vedanta in the French language

Here are some characteristic of that online school

A- You will find a uniquely huge amount of quality material

  1. More than 350 hours of systematic MP3 recordings are available for you to climb all the steps of a yoga ladder — leading to higher and higher states of consciousness.
  2. Nearly 200 of those classes have been transcribed and constitute a most valuable study material to imbibe those blissful principles
  3. Many of those classes are accompanied with diagrams, quotes and extra notes that can be most valuable to understand clearly what has been taught.
    (see sample below)
  4. Extra notes are also most valuable for those who want to have a gradual step by step study of the whole process. A study guide of nearly 200 pages is given to those who want to go trough the full A to Z course utilising our full panoply of material
  5. There is a complete glossary of all Sanskrit terms so you won’t get lost between the different terms
  6. We have a very active blog where you can get beautiful inspiration sample texts and audio files, valuable information, and valuable new material
    (see French blog see English blog)
  7. A membership website is in construction to offer even more  commodities (we are looking for sponsors to help us in this endeavor)

B – A proven process

  1. The weekly classes are the heart of the continuous study. We use many valuable tools to make it a week long constant meditation
  2. A personal approach based on fruitful interaction, is of primary importance since it has always been the Indian yogic system to give birth to a higher consciousness
  3. Every class is designed to help the  attendants to put that knowledge into practice in their daily lives

C – The most complete exposition of yoga and Vedanta

  1. We are not only the most complete in terms of quantity and of material and quality of process, we are mainly the most complete in terms of the importance and the depth of the teachings:
  • We are not limited to only one school of Vedanta or yoga but we present the essence of all types of yogas and of all schools of Vedanta
  • All our teachings are based on the works of the most prolific, accurate and profound philosophers of Bhakti and Vedanta: such as Sankaracharya, Ramujacarya, Vallabhacarya, Jiva Goswami… and many others which we are studying since the last 30 years alongside an intense spiritual practice based on the service of saintly and extremely learned teachers and scholars.

Now we are gradually building that same infrastructure
in English language.

Join this Spiritual Adventure right now
by getting involved in our online classes

A sample of the diagrams we use in our online classes
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