Our special offer of Mindfulness

Experience SpiritualAdventure.net mindfulness


Our special blend of mindfulness can give you :

  • more inner peace
  • control
  • serenity of mind
  • and more importantly reach states of consciousness which are beyond the limitations of the mind

Our SpiritualAdventure.net mindfulness can be experienced by anyone
in any conditions
with our online training

It is a very efficient and powerful way to :

  1. very rapidly bring positive change
  2. reach greater well being
  3. get more effectiveness at work


  1.  it is a very first step to our higher dimension programs such  as “Become at least Buddha
  2. or SpiritualAdventure.net Soulfulness which both go deeper and further into more essential and blissful spiritual adventures

How else is our presentation different and more useful

  • Many mindfulness programs takes themselves too seriously, in a material and egoistic way, and lack the spiritual dimension because they focus only on the external and material techniques
  • This can trap your mind in a limited dimension while the important spiritual aspect is to go beyond in the limitations of the mind as stated in the Bhagavad-Gita chapter 6 verse 5 :

The mind can be the greatest enemy or the best friend
strive with yoga to make your mind a friend

The mind should never be the master

In our blend of mindfulness is teach in a way that you gain more and more mastery over the mind


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