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Specific Mantra meditations

The most fast and efficient way to get on the heart of a spiritual experience


A sample type of mantra meditation we offer



Get authentic mantras coming from an authentic spiritual tradition:

  • coming from the highest order of spiritual philosophies in India called Vedanta

What you get?

  • A recording of the mantra that you can listen again and again to have the exact proper pronunciation of the words
  • A word forward translation of the Sanskrit terms
  • Tips on how to practice the mantra to make it part of your heart
  • At least 1 hour of explanation of each paragraph is given so you can really enter the consciousness spirit of the mantra. We are not speaking here of man faith repetition
  • At least 30 minutes of explanation of all the mantra relates to your chosen art work
  • 1 hour of direct personal interaction with the director of SpiritualAdventure.net who has more than 35 years of experience on daily practice of mantra
  • Full personal support to remove all obstacles in the practice of the mantra meditation

Upgrade anytime you are ready

  • to much higher knowledge and dimensions you can reach with your mantra

Many more hours of private and intimate knowledge can be given in almost any mantras for those who really want to go deep in their spiritual experience and adventure.


Case study : endless inspirations coming from mantra explorations

I have been receiving mantras from the director of SpiritualAdventure.net since a few years.

I have the wonderful experience that many of those mantras can be wonderfully explored for many weeks, months and even years.

I really encourage anyone interested in serious spiritual activities to get higher and higher knowledge and practices of those mantras by going to higher levels of exploration of those mantras.

It is really an adventure into higher levels of consciousness.

Martin Dumais
Studying with SpiritualAdventure.net
For more than 6 years

You can get initiations to more than one mantra:

Expand all other mantras can also greatly increase your meditation

Some of new mantras we specialized in: on when, cssri: Shiva: Ganesh, Krishna, Buddha….

Ideal for those who utilize our SpiritualAdventure.net art programs

Some very specific specialize mantra can also be given for very specific art works and situations

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