Many ways to enjoy the most beautiful Lantern Festival in the world



Illuminate your life with the spiritual secrets of the Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival (Loi Kratong) Chiang Mai, Thailand
From November 23 to 26, 2015

Participate directly or indirectly in this most amazingly beautiful festival

This is one of the most wonderful festival in the world 
it has a wonderful spiritual symbolic
and Chiang Mai is considered the best place in Thailand to participate in it

Because Chiang is the city hosting
our Asian Teaching Headquarters
We can offer you some very special spiritual adventures
Wherever you are

You can enjoy it by coming directly to Chiang Mai


you can enjoy it with us online
in various ways
wherever you are


Lk5NWe design our programs to give you long term benefits that will be very useful for your whole life
and even beyond


Explore the various facilities we give you
according to your own desires
and capacities


You can choose among many different programs and packages


You can start right now

You can start to enjoy our programs as soon as you register

All our programs have 3 parts in them

Benefit from our unique abilities

A wonderful opportunity
to experience our unique system

We provide support for you before, during and after the program

  • Before: with our online programs, and also special programs that we can do for you or your group
  • During: with many special classes, touring events and special tricks on how to really benefit from the many activities that surrounds this festival
  • After: with our online programs, and also special programs that we can do for you or your group
The best system for an unforgettable spiritual adventure


We offer a big variety of experiences
in our various programs

you can even…

Get real Enlightenment
Become at least a Buddha

Amongst the many programs we offer
one of them is about you becoming AT LEAST a Buddha

Becoming a Buddha is a very serious illumination,
but for us
it is only a beginning
of a very serious spiritual practices


No kidding.
you can become AT LEAST a Buddha

… or simply
enjoy the many facilities
we prepared for you in this festival

Just follow the  links below  
to have more information about our programs

you can start from wherever you are
right now


All your loved ones benefit from the bliss and wonder you gain from your Spiritual Adventure

As for all spiritual adventure programs, you not only get extremely important benefit for the best part of yourself but this benefit is extremely important for others that you care for with love, affection, and responsibility.


Make your choice

You can enjoy it by coming to see us in Chiang Mai

you can enjoy it online in various ways

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Can’t come to Thailand for this year Lantern Festival ?

Maybe you can make it for the Songkran Festival, which is the Thai New Year: detail here

Your main guide during this festival


He has attended several dozens of festivals in the last 35 years that has also been fully dedicated to spiritual practice as well as providing publications of the major spiritual text in different ways for anyone to be able to practice very serious spiritual processes wherever they are

Follow this link to have more information about his work

At the core of our programs, we have this principle of direct personal interaction, because the higher spiritual teachings can never be transmitted by words alone, even if those words are backed up with all the technologies of the internet. The essential ingredient is a very solid spiritual interaction (Sangha)