Using Skype

How to use Skype for the conference calls

  1. Once you have properly installed Skype, you must send your ID to my Skype ID
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    so that when it is conference call time, I can recognize you. You must do it a few days before the conference. My Id is vrajakatha. Keep it in your contact list.

  2. Please try to connect to the conference 2 or 3 minutes before the actual time to not distract other participants. To join the conference, just call my ID that should now be in your contact list.
  3. Please follow the conference call protocol to keep the conference enjoyable by all.

Alternative to skype

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We also use were we can have people both online or on the phones.

Go to to learn how to use this program

NOTE: With DimDim we can assign a few microphones only, but everyone can make a CHAT comment

Assign microphone
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