Audio meditations on our Golden key program




Here are some unique characteristics of our Golden Key System

meditate on them carefully
one at a time 
to understand more the unique opportunity we offer you

1- The key to all of our programs

Some points made in this audio above

  • Take the golden key and you won’t even need to struggle to Become a Buddha
  • You can achieve much more, faster
  • The golden key is not a program it’s a system
  • It is the key to all of our programs and with the golden key you don’t need any of our other programs

2- This system is only for those who are very serious

  • You can get the essence of spirituality but this is available only for those who are very serious in their personal quest
  • With the modern digital facility you can get it anywhere you are
  • Don’t get lost in the details; reach for the essential with our Golden Key

3- save time

  • You can get the golden key in 80 minutes of your time
  • You get very quick access to the highest spiritual way of life

4- Easily Show your dedication with your donation

  • Traditionally the student had to show years of dedication to get the real fruits
  • Your serious donation symbolize this hard work because most of us have to work very hard to save for being able to give a big donation
  • We give you access to the fruit of the greatest sages and the price to pay is very small

5- Proper students are very rare

  • Proper students are very rare, show us you are one of them
  • Take this rare opportunity to obtain the golden key
  • This level of high spirituality may not be be available in this world in a few years

6- An easy focus on the essential

  • Forget the 5000 messages that bombard you daily
  • Just focus on the golden key to obtain what is most essential for a life of eternal bliss


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