Frequently Asked Questions


What we offer

  1. Spiritual Adventures
  2. The possibilities to explore various Spiritual Adventures
  3. The art to Enjoy them
  4. A platform to augment your pleasures by sharing them



For who are those  Spiritual Adventure ?


Literally :  Everyone,  Anywhere

because most of them can be followed or started online



Anyone can follow them at whatever level they want




… and you don’t have to remain at a superficial level
you can achieve amazing results
just by having fun in your spiritual adventures




What is a Spiritual Adventure ?

We have more than 1000 blog posts and 300 pages on this website to explain that


The exploration is part of the Spiritual Adventure



Where to start ?

We are like Google :

We offer a lot of very different services and you can start with our free samples in a lot of different categories according to your own taste and desires

To learn about them see the 2 different links :

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How to navigate in the various category

Here is a very useful tutorial to make sure you read what is most useful in our website


How to use this website for your social media interactions

Here is the answer






How can I contribute to this website ?



Go to our Patreon page to get many options to help us very practically


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