Eternal Himalayas

Travel to the heart of the eternal Himalayas

Proposed date : april 2010

An invitation to join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the mountains and the culture of the Himalayas, Near Manali, « The Queen of Hill Stations » in India
View of the Himalayan moutain in front of your hotel room
View of the Himalayan moutains in front of your hotel room

Suggested itinerary:

  • Day 1 Welcome and a guided tour of New Delhi
  • Day 2 Journey Delhi – Himalayas (Naggar) with a stop at a pilgrimage site
  • Day 3 Making contact with the village and visit to the museum
  • Day 4 Visit to the Krishna temple
  • Day 5 Visit to Manali (Hindu + Tibetan temple). Shopping.
  • Day 6 Trekking in the mountains (or rest…your choice)
  • Day 7 Visit to a century old temple dedicated to a sage
  • Day 8 Walks in the surrounding medieval villages
  • Day 9 Visit to a marvellous Shiva temple
  • Day 10 Visit to temples nearby: an evening of celebration with a feast
  • Day 11 Return Naggar – Delhi, with a stop at a pilgrimage site

Special feature : The city of Delhi has had a makeover for the Commonwealth Games: TAKE ADVANTAGE. It has been preparing itself for some years now with a new metro and numerous celebrations.

We have a number of facilities in place at your disposal:

  1. A part of each day can be dedicated to yoga, meditation, teachings… according to the tastes and needs of the group.
  2. The time table can be modified according the group’s inclinations.
  3. Special cultural programs on several days.
  4. We give you a list of suggestions in order to prepare for the journey and things to put into your luggage
  5. Private massage or personal consultation available
  6. Internet available
  7. The last evening in Naggar: an evening of celebration with a feast of local specialities
  8. Special price: local craftsmanship
  9. We offer you a complete NATURE AND CULTURE experience
Experience the special Himalayan sunset
Experience the special Himalayan sunset behind the mountains

The unique details of this trip

  1. A lot of information before the trip
  2. We give you a list of suggestions for preparing for the trip and things to put into your baggage.
  3. Reading list
  4. Introductory texts and MP3 files on the sacred culture of India
  5. List of links
  6. Private consultations available at a reduced price during the trip: Spiritual culture, yoga, meditation… with Guy Tétreault
  7. A great treasure of information is given to you after the trip. We record the main teachings in order to give you a souvenir as useful as it is memorable.


The price includes:

  1. – From taking charge at the arrival lounge of Delhi airport until the end of the trip at the gate of the same airport – Which makes 11 days and 11 nights in India.
  2. – Complete organisation during the duration of the trip
  3. – The expenses linked to the preparation and reservations for the trip.
  4. – The fees for the courses, conferences and meditation sessions
  5. – The totality of the expenses of accompanying
  6. – All the accommodation expenses of the travelers to India (in a double or a triple room, an extra 17% for single room).
  7. – All transport expenses of the travelers to India (in comfortable cars with professional chauffeurs) Delhi – Naggar and Naggar – Delhi, in particular, is left to the appreciation of the travelers
  8. – All food expenses (VEGETARIAN) of the travelers in India (Alcohol, snacks between meals and tips to waiters are not included)
  9. – The entry fees for the visit to Delhi.
  10. – The renting of polyvalent halls for the courses and the meetings during the stay

This tarif does not include:

  1. International air fare, visas, vaccinations and non-specified meals. Note: The visa is obligatory for India
  2. Airport taxes
  3. Travel insurance
  4. Various trips
  5. Expenses of a personal nature such as drinks and laundry, etc.

Here are some links to a number of images of the region taken by one of the organisers of the trip: Guy Tetreault

  1. Naggar village where we will be staying (near Manali)
  2. Images from the festival in this village – showing the habits and culture of the place
  3. Manali town (at 22 km)
  4. Temples of Manali
  5. A village frozen in the medieval age – that we will visit together
  6. Pictures of  small treks in the surrounding pathways

Register yourself as soon as possible in order to reserve your place.

Please contact us if you need more information

Himalayan temple
Himalayan temple near your hotel room