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We specialize in providing memorable spiritual adventures

Specifically in Asian countries like:

  • India,
  • Thailand,
  • Cambodia,
  • Laos,
  • and the newly opened Myanmar by offering a very rich spiritual experience in a way easily digestible for non-Asians.

We have very unique qualifications to provide very deep spiritual adventures based on knowledge and information nobody else can provide.


Special for fall 2014 in Angkor Vat Cambodia

From October to December 2014, we will mainly be stationed in Angkor Vat Cambodia to offer a great variety of spiritual adventures.

This is an excellent time to work out special arrangements and deals with us.

Cambodia's famed Angkor Wat temples complex
Slide5 Cambodia’s famed Angkor Wat temples complex

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 Some destinations we like to cover


For you to have the highest quality spiritual experiences

We choose the most amazing spiritual destinations all over Asia.


Angkor Vat, Cambodia

This is our “best value” place

  • You get to see stunningly amazing architecture in a dream-like atmosphere. It is like walking in a mystery story book – and we give you deep insights into those mysteries.
  • Contemplate dozens of spiritual buildings filled with thousands of amazing sculptures depicting all the most important principles of Yoga, Vedanta and Asian spirituality (of both Hinduism and Buddhism) – we can describe you hundreds of them!
  • Come to see us! We spend several weeks there every year to allow you to take part in many of our most popular programs.

Come now before it gets too crowded

Not only the architecture is out of this world but they also have been renovating this complex for more than one hundred years.

It is open to public only since 2008 and already it is among the five most popular destinations in the world with over two million people going there to be totally amazed.

Come quickly before the waves of tourism become too big.

Participate in the very unique programs we have prepared for you.


Scholars and renovators all over the world have done a good job to describe the various scenes depicted in different buildings in thousands of sculptures but what we have to offer is much more precious.

We offer the inner meaning of spiritual principles presented there.

We also give you a very practical way by which you can put these secrets into practice to live a new and higher dimension of life.

No one else can offer such wealth because no one else has done extensive research and spiritual practices in the traditions that are at the source of what has been built in Angkor Vat.

Renovate your spiritual life

Turn your heart into a gigantic temple complex.

Come to Angkor Vat to renovate your spiritual life  and gain access into the most primal and universal spiritual principles that are almost last to contemporary life but very well described in the thousands of sculptures found everywhere in this amazing spiritual Disneyland.


Churning of the Ocean of Milk
Churning of the Ocean of Milk –ANGkOR VAT




Myanmar (known previously as Burma)

Your last chance to experience ancient Buddhist spirituality

This country has only been open to international tourism since two or three years and it is the very last place on earth where one can experience the pure and raw mode of Buddhism that prevailed in Asia for hundreds of years before this modern age of McGlobalization.

Myanmar presents some of the most amazing Buddhist temples and they have thousands of them.

There are also facilities to have meditation retreat and very in depth personal retreat where you can go very deeply into your inner spiritual practices away from the influence of the modern world.

Don’t wait. Come and experience it now.

This may be the only place where one can get the feeling that was available in India 50 years ago or Thailand 30 years ago. Don’t waste time. We can see from our experience that in 5 to 10 years everything can be changed into just another modern tourist spot.

Book a tour, or better, an intensive retreat with us right now.




For a pilgrimage to the source of all very serious spirituality

India has been the number one spiritual destination for many centuries.

It is still the place to find Saints and Sages that can transmit the highest spiritual principles but those Sadhus are most difficult and rare to find because India has been greatly swallowed by modern globalization. Capitals like Delhi and Mumbai look more like modern New York than the spiritual wonder of the past.

India is also one of the most difficult places to travel to because of the pollution and various social difficulties.

You really need extraordinary guides to give you access to the real spiritual treasures of India.

Fortunately, we have been traveling to India for more than 25 years and have studied with Indian scholars for more than 35 years. So we can take you into the last very spiritual strongholds Spiritual India.

We provide you guides which have

  • a minimum of 30 to 40 years of intense spiritual practices
  • extraordinary scholarships in all the highest scriptures of yoga, Vedanta and tantra
  • long term connections with some of the very last great sages alive
  • complete understanding of the major spiritual traditions of India


We take you to the best temples to visit and the best way to behave to get everlasting benefit from those temple visits.

Take advantage of our unparalleled expertise to have definitely one of the highest spiritual experiences of your life.

Note: We reserve our service to the group who are extremely serious in experimenting the highest principles of Yoga and Vedanta found in India for thousands of years.




A peaceful retreat away from the material world

One can get a very fresh, primitive, and simple experience of Buddhism in Laos that is rarely found anywhere else.

We take you to small religious villages that have been centered on monastic life for centuries.

One of them being the spiritual and ancient royal capital of Laos where the architecture is extremely elegant and inspirational!

We also take you into surrounded religious hills where there are amazing places to meditate in the mountains or in the caves.

A wonderful place for life-transforming retreats

Our travel tours in Laos are for those ready to have a very simple accommodations for half of the time. In the remaining half of the time, you can visit amazingly beautiful resorts.

It is one of those destinations which are best suited for a group who wants to get into very deep and intensive retreat of minimum of ten days to have life changing experience.

And it is most suitable for two to five or ten day or even more meditation retreat.

It is one of the best places to become a Buddha by following our extreme spiritual experience of “Become a Buddha” program.

A gem of a place to have a refined spiritual revival




Thailand is the easiest place to travel to, in Asia

One can have all the comforts of modern life while discovering a very ancient and intricate spiritual tradition.

Cleanliness, beauty and all modern facilities are easily available everywhere.

Some of the most beautiful exotic resorts in the world can be found there which are ideal places to relax while discussing high spiritual topics.

Do you value substance over comfort?

In Thailand there is no need to choose, both are affordable.


We know the hidden secrets

Of course Thailand has become modernized so fast that it’s very difficult to find genuine spirituality if you are not expert.

The country has become so rapidly materialistic, but don’t worry, we have few years of experience and travelling in various places in Thailand and we know the secrets.

After visiting dozens of the most amazing and important temples, we have developed great capacities to describe the inner meanings and secrets of this very deep spiritual tradition.

Don’t think that Thailand is like New York or Paris because the shopping malls are very similar. The culture, however, is actually so different from the Western world that it is normally extremely rare and difficult for Westerner to go into the inner meanings of what this place has to offer.

Mesmerizing beauties everywhere

They claim to have more than 30,000 Buddhist temples all over Thailand.

Very often been subvention by royalties. Therefore the architecture and artwork on this temple complex says are absolutely stunning.

And one very important specialty of Thailand is that they are extremely expert in copying and mixing up all different spiritual architectures and art traditions of entire Asia. One who knows our secrets can find artistic treasures from India, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

Thailand also has some of the most amazing museums of Asia where we can have a very wonderful spiritual adventure while describing and having direct interactions with thousands of spiritual artistic chef-d’oeuvre.






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 Myanmar is especially suitable for spiritual adventures because it is freshly opened to the public and has thousands of amazing temples on display.


One of our very special intense spiritual adventure available

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Here is the list of some special tours we can prepare for you and for your groups

Note: Text has not been revised properly but some ideas are there in titles


Tours of Temples and Monasteries

Through these tours, you can really reach the essential teaching of the local blend (or traditional goals) of Buddhism, and more importantly: what it can give you.


Angkor Vat

Visit the biggest Hindu/Buddhist complex in the world in Cambodia not far from Thailand where there’s hundreds of great sculptures that embodied the highest conclusions of the spiritual teaching of Asia.


Special meetings with Monks, scholars, saints…

And special monasteries.



Online spiritual adventures


that you can follow at home of great places like Anchor Watt, Sukothai, Ayuthaya and other main temples of Thailand and Asia.


Customized meditation retreat

We provide you the information for you to reach higher and higher levels of meditation. We will give you skills by which you can carry on by yourself for the remaining years of your life.



Learn the art Tantra yoga

And the secret delights of its powerful mysteries


A 10 day retreat about the use of natural stones

To enhance the yoga practices especially with Chakra meditation



Higher dimensions in philosophy

Philosophical guidance and a meditation retreat by which you can reach the higher dimensions of yoga and meditation and learn what is almost forgotten in modern styles of yogas and meditations


Pilgrimage at the source

Cultural spiritual tours of Asia by which we give you the essence of great Asian tradition like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Animism.  This is our specialty: Bringing the essence of spirituality because that is what Vedanta is all about



Also: any custom presentation is possible for a group

At a minimum daily price (plus travel and lodging expenses) for those who have special request. This is mainly affordable for those who have organized groups. Contact the office to see the current fares.

OUR goal is to give the deeper dimension in all tours and unlock the spiritual secrets

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