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We all need to travel, often and blissfully,
whether it be physically or in thoughts

We are all travelers

and we can increase the wonder of anyone of our travels by adding  spiritual supplements to our life and to our explorations

Our principal aim is to provide you with Spiritual Supplements which will energize you and will inspire you in your explorations and personal spiritual adventures.


We strive to give you DAILY Spiritual Supplements that you can meditate on with our powerful 5 seconds meditations



How to derive benefit from our Spiritual Supplements :

Here are some ways in which you can be inspired, nourished and enjoy the very many Spiritual Supplements that we are offering you:

  1. Get FREE membership to our Daily Spiritual Supplements : Our blog is designed to give you, several times a month, spiritual inspirations on which you can meditate for 2 minutes, when you are very busy or for 20 hours when you have the time to follow all the accompanying links included in each article of the blog : click here to register to our free membership program


  1. You will find on our YouTube channels, in French and especially in English, more than 200 videos lasting between 2 and 15 minutes, that you can listen to again and again in order to deepen your spiritual meditations. Short and effective, they are designed to act as a spiritual vitamin that you can take in the middle of the day which is often very busy.


  1. For those who are ready to go deeper, we have several specialized programmes that you can start off straightaway wherever you might be or when you come to visit Thailand.
  1. Our programs in our headquarters at Chiang Mai, Thailand, are designed to stimulate you, fill you with spiritual energy and to give you the strength, the experience and the capacity to live through daily spiritual adventures, once you have mastered the art of using our many Spiritual Supplements.


  1. For those who do not have the time to go on a grand trip, but who want to live, be it for a few moments, through spiritual feelings and experiences that are both intense and unforgettable, we offer you a program of customized mini-pilgrimages which will be of great use to you.


  1. In order to spiritualise all special events in your life, or to simply learn the art of developing a daily spiritual routine, in order to transform your everyday life into a constant spiritual experience, we have, at our disposal, a service of professional spiritual consultation.
  1. In order to enlighten you to make your choice, among our various programs, which will be personally most useful for you, we have placed at your disposal and totally free of cost, a program of customised assistance.

We hope that these various programs will be for you so many Spiritual Supplements, able to re-energize you in all places and times.



Some seasonal solstice festivals

in November:
Many ways to enjoy the most beautiful
Lantern Festival in the world, From November 14 to 16, 2016

In April: Songkran waterfight festival
13-16, 2016
Chiang Mei, Thailand


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Just write your email address here and you become a member of our
Daily Spiritual Supplement Program

A program that is accessible to everyone, everywhere