Very rare, authentic and essential spiritual knowledge and practices

We can provide you with unlimited knowledge on Angkor Vat… and much more

Because our president and senior guides and contributors have been fully trained and instructed by some of the last great saintly scholars of India we can give you hundreds of hours of meditative spiritual discussions on the many topics depicted in Angkor Vat

All this knowledge is coming from authoritative scriptural sources like the Bhagavad-Gita and the Srimad-Bhagavatam to give you an unparallelled spiritual depth of experience

We provide you with the original Sanskrit texts so you can increase your understanding and the power of your meditation

Follow this link to see a sample of those Sanskrit translation provided: this text is about one of the very important main theme developed in Angkor Vat: the churning of the milk ocean by the gods and the demons

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But, most importantly, we can offer much more than knowledge

For those who are very serious in achieving the high spiritual states described in the spiritual traditions coming from India and Angkor Vat we can provide a full fledged authentic and authorized initiation into those higher spiritual practices of the advanced processes of yoga and Vedanta that are at the source of all that is depicted in Angkor Vat