Introduction to Angkor Wat

Preparatory text for a meditative presentation in the future (katha)


Make a virtual trip to Angkor Wat,
the biggest complex of Hindu and Buddhist temples
in the world


Temple d'Angkor
_ Le temple principal du gigantesque site ________d’Angkor Vat au Cambodge_______

Over a period spanning 600 years from the 9th to the 15th centuries, a series of temples were erected by a succession of great kings ruling over the most prosperous region of Cambodia. Even today, we find one of the most ingenious and significant hydraulic systems ever conceived, made of dams and basins aimed at storing water and redistributing it during periods of drought.

There, they built temples of a splendour unequalled up to the present. Also, we find numerous sculptures and bas-reliefs describing primordial myths which even today open us up to an unknown dimension within us and touch our true potential.


These myths depict a spiritual reality which is often more real than we imagine to be our day to day reality. 

Our aim is to give you access to these treasures of eternal wisdom through a virtual visit to this vast complex of temples conceived for transforming our life into a festival of sacred joy.

More than just tourism, a pilgrimage or an educational course, we invite you to participate in a total immersion into the heart of our unsuspected spiritual potential. 


Bas-reliefs Anhkor Vat
Bas-reliefs Anhkor Vat
 Barattage de l'océan de lait
Barattage de l’océan de lait
Sculpture Angkor Vat
Sculpture Angkor Vat