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Get direct personal interaction with the founder of SpiritualAdventure.net: Guy Tétreault
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It is the safest and best way to benefit  from all
spiritual adventures and programs


Make real benefits

Add 10 000 times
more benefits to whatever you do

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With all the facilities the internet provides there are no more frontiers to a very deep communication heart to heart

We have spent more than 8000 hours to construct this website that acts as a very efficient platform to communicate very useful spiritual principles

And this Direct Personal Interaction Program is the main gate to enter into the inner sanctum of the spiritual secrets we have to offer


Direct Personal Interactions has always been the most important factor for spiritual development
and will always be
Since time immemorial, the most essential principles of spirituality have been transmitted from heart to heart
At SpiritualAdventure.net we GIVE YOU ACCESS to this eternal principle we have followed ourselves
AND  we combine it with multimedia facilities of the internet to deliver to you this service wherever you are

The quality of spiritual interaction is more important than the distance

In fact, I experienced that keeping a geographical distance is very useful to keep the relationship in a very high spiritual level 

What types of interaction can you get ?

There is no limit to the types of spiritual interaction we should have
Here are some samples:
  • You can turn any travel plan into a wonderful Spiritual Adventure
  • You can turn any of your ordinary activities into a wonderful Spiritual Adventure
  • Or answer any personal or particular question you may have
  • You can have very special art programs
  • We can discuss how you can really do something for Planet Earth
  • Or make sure you get the maximum spiritual benefit by doing the best charity work
  • If you have any dream of traveling but don’t have the money, that dream can also be turned into a wonderful Spiritual Adventure
  • You can greatly enhanced any of our program. Follow this link to look at various programs that we offer

How to start your Direct Personal Interaction Program ?

We value your personality and have a very personalized approach:
  1. You choose one of 3 level of interaction you want by following the link below
  2. You then fill the pre-registration form
  3. We contact you back to find the best ways to proceed according to your needs and desire


Choose from 3 levels of interaction


Pick a level according to your interest

We recommend to start with level 1


“I have been fortunate to work with Guy Tétreault for more than 30 years in elaborating some of the deepest spiritual scriptures, knowledge and meditation practices given by the top most elaboration of spiritual philosophy in India: Vedanta.

I have also seen he has put in great effort for the last 25 years to give anyone direct and immediate access to this most important and essential but unfortunately mostly on spiritual science.

What he has to offer can definitely save thousands of lives and tons of misery to almost anyone and even more importantly, giving thousand times, more bliss and awareness to virtually anyone”

Vedanta Desika

We like to give you SUBSTANCE

With every Direct Interaction Program we can give you personalized training in a very deep lifestyle of meditation

IF you desire, only
(not everyone wants it or needs it)


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