Designed for you

Online Web Classes are specially designed to make it a real spiritual adventure for you:

During class or seminar:
– We use various types of quick meditations

Beyond all coming and going of phenomena: the ...
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– Being able to quote hundreds of slokas (aphorism) coming from revealed scriptures like the Vedas, the Upanishads, Vedanta scholars…
– We can also quote hundreds of philosophers, saints, mystics, scholars

We offer tons of personal interaction so that you feel concerned about all the web exchanges

– We send you emails with contents giving you preparation for the topic being discussed
– These often include diagrams, texts and pictures to give you a more synthetic comprehension

– After classes, you receive questions of revision and meditation … by email
– Forms are always available on the web to give instant suggestion, feedback or appreciation…
– We give you the greater vision of what’s coming up: short, middle and long term

In summary: We give you the fruit of a 30 years long everfresh love story

Everything is designed and coordinated so that your full week becomes a constant meditation

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