Conference Call Protocol

1)     Before class time, please try to connect yourself to conference call in Skype.

2)     Please keep as much silence as possible during class to ensure peaceful hearing for everyone present  – you can’t say small mm, or wow or small things once in a while, time will be given for you to express yourself and give questions during the class.

3)     Question time will be at the middle and at the end of class. We much prefer to have the question written in the Skype chat box (or any chat box) so that it won’t be noisy for other people.

4)     We are trying to answer as many questions as possible but for a deeper personal exchange and going deeper into the topic, we advise you to buy some time in personal

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coaching formula.

5)     Please don’t get into argument or in a provocative mood for everything we give in these classes is mainly subject to personal meditation. If you don’t agree with anything you hear, it is fine with us.

6)      Please keep your meditation for yourself or again you can discuss it with personal coaching exchanges, and to be able to really remove all your doubts and clarify everything that needs to be clarified.

7)     When we are in a group ,we must act for the better understanding and peace of the entire group please.

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