Activities at our Asian Teaching Headquarters, in Chiang Mai (Thailand)


Meet us face to face
and heart to heart
by coming to Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Although most of our programs can be done online and even by telephone, there is also many advantages in meeting face to face, and hopefully, and heart to heart


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Illuminate your life with the spiritual secrets of the Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival (Loi Kratong)
Chiang Mei, Thailand

In November with a different date every year

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But we also have other programs
all year long…
Step 1 — An invitation to come to one of the best place in Asia

Visit this page to see some of the many reasons why we have chosen Chiang Mai (Thailand) as the major base and Headquarter of our teaching

Step 2 — choose your programs

See some of  the programs we can offer in Chiang Mai (Thailand).

We specialize in customized programs but those programs offered can be very inspiring to start you own Spiritual Adventures


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It is a wonderful place for :

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