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About the speaker: Guy Tetreault  (Gopinath Das) is the founder of most complete online school of Yoga and Vedanta in the French language. He has been practicing, studying and teaching the deepest aspects of yoga, meditation and Vedanta for the last 30 years. He is a published author who has directed the publication of more than 40 books on these subjects, for which he has also recorded hundreds of hours of classes and conferences.  For a huge amount of other informations: see his personal website at

After a year and a half of intense studies and meditations in the Himalayas and Vrindavan, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Guy Tetreault (Gopinath Dasa) is ready to continue to give more classes with renewed strength and a much deeper insight

Classes will be held as conference calls on Skype that will be available to anyone on the planet who is ready to experience the thrill of a spiritual adventure.

We have tested it for the last 3 months and it works very nicely. Attendees are most happy to be able to get high level of spiritual assembly without having to travel to a far away country like India.

I first started to give these classes to my French friends and students and I am ready to start doing the same in English language. We have a great formula for online classes that satisfies everyone.

Discover great treasures that are too wonderful to be kept secret. See how they can be wonderfully applied in your life.

The basic principle of these weekly conference call is to give you a very high level of meditation, NATURALLY, WITOUT ANY BIG ENDEAVOUR from your part. These are very intense, deep and wonderful discussions. I make them so totally amazing that you will be meditating on these topics the whole week and will be ready to get more every week, week after week.

It is like being able to relish the essence of deep Himalayan meditation without having to give up the comfort of your home!

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Each class of the series will be recorded so that you can access to it even if you missed the conference call. You can also choose to receive all the classes as recordings instead of participating directly to the conference calls.

Most important is that all the funds collected in this project will be given to Saints, scholars and Sadhus of India who have an extremely great need for them. The speaker, Gopinath Das (Guy Tetreault), will not keep one penny for himself, he maintains himself by other businesses

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