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Give substance to your social media

Share more than cute cat pictures

What is the use of owning a jet
if you use it for useless things
like buying cigarettes at the corner store?

Please take time to STOP,
relax and deeply meditate about this

You have worked very much to get gather many friends, fans, or followers in your various social media websites

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This campaign
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It is also caring for ALL

All beings, not just human beings

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General Presentation of our Munificent Lotus program



Start becoming a munificent lotus whenever you are ready

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We builded the different categories and tags with science

Tips to explore, enjoy and share this website… MORE


We have spent thousands of hours to build this website

And we wish that you can get easy access to many of it’s treasures

one of the best ways to know what’s going on about it is to register to receive our blog post by email or RSS feeds.

Moreover :

there is a great science in the way we build up the different categories and tags of those blog posts

by clicking on various tags or categories you can study more deeply the very unique offers we make for you at

For example:
  1. with a click category significance, you can have a glimpse at the philosophy core depth behind what we offer you
  2. If you press on the tags important, you have access to some of our important posts that often opens the door to you to different universes.
  3. By clicking on spiritual supplements, you can see most of our easy looking post special design for you to have a 5-second meditations with is both relaxing and enlightening.
For now that list of categories and tags is on the left black band of our website (or at the end of posts and pages on your phone)
At, we have to taken a very Zen approach where you don’t have to read much to get extremely high inspirations
  • just like in some of the major Zen traditions; we favor contemplation of beauty and silent meditation over superficial mental and rational activity
  • We put emphasis on elements that can give you sudden illumination
    • bringing you spiritual progress that words can usually not give
Combined with that:
  1.  we often give you, in most of our blog posts, links that permits you to explore in depths the concepts beyond those images
  2. and spend many hours in analysis and exploration with many thrills and illuminations.
Don’t be shy to explore all our tags and all our categories to experience deeply what we have to offer to you

Such an exploration is a very useful spiritual adventure in itself