Our program to transform you rapidly into a Buddha



Become at least a Buddha in 24 hours

A complete and efficient program of spiritual awakening and development that you can practice wherever you might be – thanks to the miracle of digitization. 

Important note


No, this is not a joke

You really have the power to become a Buddha in double quick time, within 24 hours. In fact, within 24 hours of in-depth interaction if you can use it in the proper way. 

Yes, it is also possible to become a Buddha in one day or in a few brief moments of full consciousness.

But for most people it will happen only by following a long process based on an in-depth interaction with the guide.

And as each hour of interaction with the guide is very intense, most people prefer keeping these interactions to one hour per week or per month.

Procuring you material for several hours of delicious and substantial meditation

Do the math: These 24 hours can be phased out over a period of 6 months, 1 year or even 2 years, according to your personal rhythm…and will provide you with hundreds of hours of important meditation. 

Take your time to digest your 24 hours well and truly


A description of some of the aims of this program

These precise aims are presented to you in order to help you concretize your level of spiritual awakening. This program offers you the guarantee of augmenting your level of spiritual consciousness or to become at least a Buddha. 

  1. Become at least a Buddha.
  2. Learn the art of tasting delectable meditation.
  3. Live through a true awakening.
  4. Resolve real problems and avoid obstacles on the way.
  5. Be rooted in a process of spiritual evolution.
  6. Know true happiness here and now and for eternity.
  7. Eliminate that ties us down to reincarnation and to ignorance.
  8. Obtain a valid source of knowledge.
  9. Go beyond the limits of mind, intelligence and material ego.
  10. Lose illusions in so far as your identity is concerned.

The program includes:

  • 24 hours of consultations in in-depth interaction with the guide Guy Tetreault (Division of time: roughly 14 hours in private individual conversation, 10 hours in group consultation and presentation)
  • Dozens of hours of recordings that you can listen to over and over again with joy and amazement
  • More than 200 pages of reference material that you can use as material for meditation, analysis and deepening your study
Note: We are speaking here of 24 hours of interaction and profound meditation which can be phased out over 6 weeks, 6 months or 2 years. It’s a program that is adapted to your capacities and your availability.


Becoming a Buddha in 24 hours of in-depth interaction and deep meditation is not an exageration!!! Follow this link to explore this possibility in greater detail.

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Become a Buggha




You hesitate because, let’s admit it, it is not common to be offered the possibility of becoming a Buddha. At least make a serious effort to see if this is possible.

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