Our affiliate partnership program for Angkor Wat

An affiliate partnership program
for all travel agencies, tour operators
and hotel service provider
for Angkor Wat

Get extra financial benefits
by providing an extra service to your customers


We provide spiritual supplements to complement all other services and tours you already give to your customers visiting Angkor Vat

By joining our affiliate partnership system you get commissions on all our packages that you can offer to your customers

We have packages at various affordable prices that your customers can enjoy at anytime they want on the internet: 10$, 20$. 108$… and starting with our FREE 21 day virtual discovery tour of the spiritual wonders of Angkor Vat

These online packages are the best introduction and preparation for their coming to Angor Vat to participate on our specialty programs of meditation retreats and intensive workshops at more serious prices of 500$, 1000$, 1500$… by participants

Get commissions on all their various payments by obtaining a promotional code when you join our affiliate partnership program

  • We provide you printed business cards and publicity material that you can give to all your customers – with your own personal promotional code that will trace back all transaction between us and your customers.

Here is a sample image of the Business card publicity we can provide you with
NOTE that the Promotion number will be unique for you
We can also provide you with the Photoshop file by which you can add yourself
your own website and code number and any other info you want

Publicity business card: front
Publicity business card: Back


We want you to get rich

You can collect the money from those various programs in different ways

  • By charging directly the customers and sending us our part (rapidly by Paypal)
  • By doing the registration directly on our website
  • By showing them to use your personal promotion code when they register with us

We want you to get rich
because the more you make money from our programs the more you will present them to your customers

Contact me to establish an affiliate partnership contract  

Guy Tetreault
President of SpiritualAdventure.net

  • guytetreault@gmail.com
  • Mobile (Thailand): (66)923472892
  • Mobile Cambodia: (885) 969288583
  • Skype ID: guytetreault
  • Note: email is best way to contact


 More info about our offer in various links
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to see the seriousness of our offer:



 Together! Let’s offer your customers a very unique spiritual experience they will remember all their life.