About us

About us at SpiritualAdventure.net

SpiritualAdventure.net provides a platform to share festive, universal, and highly beneficial spiritual experiences that can be enjoyed anywhere, by anyone, at various levels


Our mission

is to offer various programs, travel tours, services, workshop seminars, and online teachings to offer various amazing and unique spiritual experiences

Our aim

is to provide the most thrilling, memorable, and valuable Spiritual Adventures possible

Work with us

We are a network

we seek to provide facilities to
affiliates, partners, volunteers, sponsors
and anyone who wants to help this world
to be a more thrilling and spiritual place

We are located everywhere

  • We have our head offices in the province of Quebec in Canada
  • our Asian teaching headquarters is in Chaing Mai, Thailand which is central place for meeting all types of travellers in Asia
  • Ee also a team of more than 10 person spread all over the world to be able to offer 24 hour service as much as possible.

You can contact us

The Founder and President

Is Guy Ttreault

You can see about some of his work at his mini-bio page