The art of meditating on our blog posts

We offer you many ways to meditate on our blog posts

We don’t just have nice photos

we have the art and the science
for you to have incredible  benefits
from mediating on them
in a spiritual way

one of them is to learn the art of 5 seconds meditation


Profit from one of our most easy and important spiritual supplement project
Learn the art of fast,
efficient, and intense spiritual meditations
that can supercharge you
for the rest of the day.

Fantastic 5-seconds of blissful and beneficial meditations

The simple 2 steps 5 seconds meditation:

  1. Breathe deeply with an inner smile
  2. Exhale very slowly while meditating on what we offer you on our blog post and web page

These steps are to change your viewing the hundreds of pictures we send to you regularly as a spiritual supplement. You can easily change the viewing into a very ecstatic spiritual experience with those simple 8 steps.

For those who are not used to mediations, these steps might be difficult to practice and reach but with time, you can really enter within a few seconds into this deep meditative and contemplative moods that will greatly enrich your life and the experience we supply to you.

Breathe deeply with an inner smile

Deep inhaling with a very slow exhaling is the best way to reach a state of proper meditation

How can we define a state of meditation???

I mainly defined the state of mediation as being the state of complete concentration and complete relaxation.
The first step is to obtain deep relaxation by exhaling very slowly
That state of high concentration can be reached by intense mental focus while inhaling profoundly.


Contemplation is made with a two word, Con which means “with” and templation which means “temple”
This state is reach by successfully have changed your body, mind and consciousness into a temple and to resonate in harmony with whatever is the secret component you recognize in the picture we give you.

It requires extensive spiritual practice to change ourselves into a temple and it also requires spiritual awareness to be able to recognize what is sacred around us.

We have extensive program to help you to properly integrate these first three steps in your life. Please see the link to our main programs.

Useful Tips

  • Don’t try to feel it or think
  • Simply try to be situated in those states which are described above and remain above the state of feeling and thinking as long as you can.
  • Follow the spiritual triggers
  • If any touch or feelings arise, try to focus on the spiritual once arising in your heart.
  • Whenever non-spiritual thoughts arise try to spiritualize them somehow or other.
  • This is one of the special arts that we can also teach you in our programs.
  • Go with a smile
  • When you finish in meditation, finish it as you started with a deep breathing made with an inner smile.
  • Compliment this meditation by trying to remember it during the rest of the day or keep a journal to be able to keep this memory alive.
  • That journal can be a succession of one line description of your experience. Keep it simple and sublime.

A small skill that can bring amazing long term results

This 5 seconds meditation is the first step in a long process of mastery in meditation practices

We have a hundred of blog posts which we made out of pictures videos and simple words.

They are fully designed for you to enjoy maximum benefits in a very small amount of meditation time.

All this is meant to supercharge you whenever and wherever you need it because all of those are always available on the web to provide you daily SPIRITUAL SUPPLEMENTS

But all those posts have the power to triggering to you a very deep spiritual entertainment, consciousness or high state of meditation –depending on your own level of consciousness.

Our website is designed for you to attain rapidly this high level of consciousness that you can then EASILY trigger, very rapidly, with any of our meditative blog post.

  • First, we show you a simple meditation methods by which you can benefit highly from each of this post
  • With every post, we give you links to much more information and the more you have information and knowledge and the more you meditate on that information and knowledge, the faster you will build your capacity to have high-efficiency triggers for all our blog posts and pictures.
  • And most important of all: we have available for you very in-depth programs that you can follow for few weeks, few months, or even few years that will enable you reach a very high level of consciousness to a very authentic, complete, and profound spiritual process.

So what you can do now?

  • Subscribe to our free blog by which you can practice this art of trigger meditation.
  • Practice it in meditating in the hundreds of blog posts we have in the past.
  • Join one of our programs, many of them you can start to explore with a free introduction package.
  • Whenever you need help, you can contact us with our personalized information program.
  • Note: just see the website sidebars to have access to all those services

One or another, we are all travelers and we can all use Daily Spiritual Supplements to face the problems of life and ultimately attain our most cherished destination.

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