Around a Buddhist Jungle Monastery in Thailand – photo 218

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Source of the photo : The Founder of : Guy Tetreault

This photo is taken near a wonderful Buddhist jungle monastery situated a few meters from our Teaching Headquarter, in Chiang Mai, Thailand

We can easily spend a few hundred hours in this wonderful place for meditation and high level teachings

In practically every corner of Thailand we find a source of inspiration of a spiritual type. The very many pictures we have at our disposal will give you an insight and introduce you to our programs which aim at discovering their principal aspects. .


  1. Thailand is a place of a very rich spiritual tradition, besides being a tourist’s paradise.
  2. It’s an Asian country where life is easy-going and easy to visit and stay for a few months to undergo a serious spiritual training
  3. That’s some of the many reasons why we have established one of our Teaching Headquarters there.
  4. Chiang Mai, which is the cultural capital of Thailand is an ideal place for introducing oneself to Asia’s spiritual culture without sacrificing modern comforts and services.

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It is a wonderful place for :

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Source of the images when there is the inscription GO.D in the right hand corner beneath the image: GO.D is the pseudonym of the Founder of Spiritual Guy Tetreault