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10 audio Meditations on Photographers Quotes

Get into the high spirit of professional photography with those 10 simple meditations

We give you here the chance to greatly enhance your meditation power on some very wonderful quotes from photographers or experts on photography

This meditation is divided in 3 sections

  • The first section shows you an image from the dozens of philosopher quotes we have for you. This in itself is a very inspiring meditation for your viewing and making of photos
  • The most important section is the audio mini meditation we try to keep it between 1 or 2 minutes and that will give you some perspective coming from the extremely high and pure tradition of Asian Spirituality that is named Vedanta : follow this link to know more about Vedanta
  • In the third level of presentation we make a link to one of the inspiring aphorisms we use in our step by step teaching of Spiritual Photo Adventure so that you can apply it in an even more practical way

Follow the links at the end of the page to know more about the different ways you can use the inspiration for your own spiritual adventures


A – text to meditate


B- Small audio to meditate


Audio length: 34 seconds

C – Teaching this can be related to (from our Online E-course)



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