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Experience Asian spirituality to a level of bliss and consciousness usually unknown to non-Asian persons

  1. We give you a unique access to the in-depth knowledge and personal experience of Asian spirituality with our guides having more than 30 years of experience in deep practices and study of Asian Spirituality. READ MORE
    The president and founder of SpiritualAdventure.net: Guy Tetreault
  2. Extra care is taken in the preparation and follow ups of each travel tour.
  3. Our custom made presentations are valuable tools to give you access to unparalleled spiritual vision and experiences. Have a glance at some of them
  4. Various spiritual adventures can be experienced at various intensities. SEE SOME OF THEM
  5. A great selection of custom made tours are possible to various Asian countries –  Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Burma, India, and Vietnam.
  6. We have the unique ability to give you entrance into the most important secrets with our virtual tours and on-site tours – suitable for every budget.


Together we can build a very pleasurable and beautiful spiritual adventure that you will relish and remember all your life.

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